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Seasonal Housing

Seasonal homes are abundant in the Appalachians, and are particularly prominent among the more rural areas that provide access to the region’s cultural and natural amenities and scenic views. These factors, coupled with an ideal mountain climate compared to surrounding areas, have brought national attention and have made much of the region a popular tourist destination.

Typically designed to be isolated and private, seasonal homes are positioned to enjoy the natural beauty of the region but may lack connectivity to local communities and infrastructure. Growth in seasonal housing can also be an indicator of demographic and economic change, as it is normally driven by an influx of people above median community age and income.

The American Community Survey (ACS) is a national, publicly available survey provided by the U.S. Census Bureau that collects information about population, education, housing, economic status, and more. Planners, public officials, entrepreneurs, and researchers rely on the data collected through this survey to help understand community conditions and to support community planning efforts.

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