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Water Supply Stress Index

To help natural resource planners and managers evaluate ecosystem services and make informed decisions in light of changing environmental conditions, U.S. Forest Service scientists have developed a web-based planning tool known as the Water Supply Stress Index (WaSSI) model. WaSSI predicts how climate, land cover, and human population change may impact water availability and carbon sequestration at the watershed level (about the size of a county) across the lower 48 United States. WaSSI users can select and adjust temperature, precipitation, land cover, and water use factors to simulate change scenarios for any timeframe from 1961 through the year 2100.

Simulation results are available as downloadable maps, graphs, and data files that users can apply to their unique information and project needs. WaSSI generates useful information for natural resource planners and managers who must make informed decisions about water supplies and related ecosystem services in light of climatic, economic, and demographic change. Educators, researchers, and non-governmental organizations can also use WaSSI to gain insight into the effects of global change on water and carbon.

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